Lawrence Lowrey: Organizational Manager

Lawrence began his career as an HIV test counselor and prevention specialist.  He has worked as a Case manager for The San Francisco AIDS Project, Westside Community Services of San Francisco and The Black Coalition on AIDS of San Francisco.  Lawrence moved on from Case Management and began working as Licensed Phlebotomist-Medical Assistant at the world-renowned Ward 86 at San Francisco General hospital. During this time Lawrence was an active board member of The Native American AIDS Project of San Francisco.  Because of the medical and board experience Lawrence is able see the broad and narrow on any situation and as such can develop organizational procedures and individual interventions that are client focused.  Lawrence is currently Clinic Supervisor of a Federally Qualified Health Center in Sacramento. To Quote Lawrence, “I love what I do because I am able to serve those who need care the most.  They need it not because of some personal failing alone, but because the society we live in allows them to be harmed and treated as less than human.” Lawrence is a fervent advocate for the rights, dignity and access to care for all marginalized groups of people.