Crisis Consulting & Advocacy Communications

Activism Articulated provides high-level crisis and advocacy communications consulting to help you build and execute communication strategies and advocacy campaigns. We focus on strategy, orchestration, integrated actions and messaging that provide a road map forward in times of change. 

Our experts come from community organizing, public policy, and media relations backgrounds and serve as a bridge between often conflicting parties and interests to develop and implement solutions to big challenges.

We work closely with you to facilitate your efforts to build authentic relationships in your community, reexamine outdated or oppressive practices, build consensus, and change course when needed. 

Building a strategy is about making thoughtful and deliberate choices in service of greater goals. Activism Articulated helps your organization do just that, even in the midst of a crisis.

Activism Articulated Rapid Response

Effective crisis management requires a full communications review that consists of comprehensive analysis. Historic issues, social media channels, press pickup, and first-party branding materials are identified to solidify communications strengths, weaknesses and potential future issues.

We meet with you, assess the request and stated needs and present you with a plan to tailor the most optimal and effective structured efforts  for your organization. In short, we don’t do cookie-cutter PR. Every client is provided with an individualized strategy and plan to address their unique challenges. Whether you’re in the middle of a PR crisis or want to prepare yourself for the unexpected, we have the skills and services to help you out — rapidly, comprehensively, and effectively.

Crisis Services

Situation Assessment and Monitoring: Sentiment and media analysis to determine how widespread and severe the reaction is and whether there are voices/narratives/ theories that can be used to inform decision making and messaging.

War Room: Daily conference calls or meetings and an experienced specialist on-call 24/7 for strategy and execution as well as proactive status updates.

Messaging Strategy and Management: Public statement and talking point drafting, editing, strategy and messaging that incorporates brand values, training for spokespeople, coordination of social media and other corporate channels.

Media Management: Manage inbound inquiries and triage upcoming media coverage.

Post-Mortem: Post-crisis report analyzing strengths and weaknesses. Follow up support includes:

  • Post-crisis assessment 
  • Reputation repair
  • Strategy and Message development
  • Working with your legal team
  • Personalized coaching for executives
  • Trust building and Accountability