Activism Articulated

Activism Articulated is an integrated communications firm that grew out of ten years of work in journalism, entertainment and event planning, activism and advocacy communications. In the last five years, we’ve evolved our strategy to take advantage of digital access to widen the reach of projects focused on social justice issues.

We believe we can help create a better world by arming activists and non-profits with the tools to navigate a complicated and ever-shifting media environment. Our clients are non-profits, advocacy organizations, student groups, artists and high-profile individuals that strive to influence public policy, cultural shifts and public opinion. Activism Articulated provides high-level media consulting, communications strategy and planning, crisis communications management and helps each group to build and execute communications strategies and full campaigns to reach influencers and achieve goals from where they are.

We collaborate with your organization to offer support, clarity, and training to your communications efforts. We utilize our vast network of resources and media connections to get you the attention you deserve and contribute to your overall mission on an individualized plan. From event-planning to sponsor negotiations, press releases to interview preparation; we provide the help you need, tailored to the results you want.

We realize that the folks who need the most help with communications strategies were the ones who could least afford communications consultants. We strive to provide the highest level of engagement and service while maintaining a significantly lower cost to certain clients who have been historically underserved by the professional communications industry.

  • All Media Campaigns: including press releases, interview prep, social media and media outreach
  • Crisis Management: if needed and provide assessment reports, interview prep and training
  • Content Creation: (flyers, posters, announcements, video promotion online), secure reviews, provide direct contacts with influential media
  • Media Success: measurement and analysis
  • Photo Selection: eediting, video selection/promotion, social engagement/response

  • Earned Media: Manage and secure media coverage for print, radio, TV, digital, podcasts
  • Copywriting/Editing: build and manage contact list, manage press archives Press releases, event management and production as requested, relationship building
  • Strategic Communications Planning: We work with you to craft a set of distinct messages for TV, print and web-based media and provide interview preparation, style guides and assistance as needed
  • Social Media Management: Creation and utilization of social media accounts

  • We offer services on a sliding scale in order to support organizations that often cannot afford a communications agency.
  • We will work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs and your budget. Give us a call to let us know how we can help.