Activism Articulated

Advocacy Communications For Change Makers

Activism Articulated is an integrated communications firm focused exclusively on progressive political advocacy. We are queer and multi-race and woman-of-color owned and operated. Our experts come from organizing, public policy and media backgrounds and serve as a bridge between often conflicting parties and interests to support solution-oriented action.

From supporting the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in their protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline Project to consulting for the Women's March and helping to organize the first ever Black Women's March in California, we believe we can help create a better world by arming activists and non-profits with the tools and support they need to navigate a complex political environment.

Activism Articulated provides high-level media consulting to build and execute communications strategies and advocacy campaigns designed to change the world.

Our clients are non-profits, advocacy organizations, student groups, artists and high-profile individuals that seek to influence public policy and public opinion. We offer a subscription-based business model that puts a highly skilled team of experts at the disposal of any group, at rates they can afford.


Integrated PR & Media Services

  • All Media Campaigns: including press releases, interview prep, social media and media outreach
  • Crisis Management: if needed and provide assessment reports, interview prep and training
  • Content Creation: (flyers, posters, announcements, video promotion online), secure reviews, provide direct contacts with influential media
  • Media Success: measurement and analysis
  • Photo Selection: editing, video selection/promotion, social engagement/response

  • Earned Media: Manage and secure media coverage for print, radio, TV, digital, podcasts
  • Copywriting/Editing: build and manage contact list, manage press archives Press releases, event management and production as requested, relationship building
  • Strategic Communications Planning: We work with you to craft a set of distinct messages for TV, print and web-based media and provide interview preparation, style guides and assistance as needed
  • Social Media Management: Creation and utilization of social media accounts