Darcy Totten

Darcy is a crisis communications strategist with over 20 years of experience working in news, media, and public affairs. Activism Articulated has earned the reputation for its success in coalition building and working with intersectional, inclusive teams to prioritize historically marginalized communities. Known as an expert in social impact strategies, Darcy has leveraged her grassroots organizing experience to execute message development for political campaigns, tribal-state and local governments, and established networks of change-makers and policy experts.

Jasper James

As a digital strategist, director and brand consultant, Jasper provides expertise on industry standards, research trends, and development for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. Led by a refined and diverse skill set that includes media, technology, event production, and marketing Activism Articulated possesses innovative customer-centric mindfulness to help businesses grow. With over 15 years of experience in solving big problems, and creating systems that help businesses run more efficiently, Jasper has the ability to lead, activate, and amplify important messages through an equitable, creative, and necessary lens.